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This week we asked students:

“What is your favorite part of SpringFest weekend?”

– Addis Gonzalez / Sun Star Journalist

Anthony“I haven’t experienced SpringFest. Chances are I’ll be busy though, so I won’t go.”

-Anthony B. Crocker, freshman justice student

Auna“This is my first year here, so I really have no idea but the volleyball thing looked like fun.”

– Auna Springer, freshman paramedicine student

Ron“I think currently it’d have to be aerial arts because I have a performance on field day.”

– Ron Casto, junior wildlife biology and conservation student

"Case Day!!!" -Britt Glaeser, senior business administration student“Case Day!!!”

-Britt Glaeser, senior business administration student

"The BBQ!!" -Andres Dajles, statistics graduate student“The BBQ!!”

-Andres Dajles, statistics graduate student

Jessica“Probably Sammy Adams, I’m like in love with him!”

-Jessica Sueskind, junior sociology student

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