Woman on the Street

Addis Gonzalez/ Journalist

How do you plan to spend your spring break?”


“Working here as a DA (Desk Assistant) making a lot of money because I can work 40 hours. Normally I can work 20.”

– Averi Cokeley, sophomore Japanese studies student


“Working and probably trying to get ahead as far as school work goes. I am also helping out on a retreat with my church.”

– Cassandra Sanborn, senior biological sciences student


“I’ll be here. I think there are some Japanese exchange students staying here and I’ll hang out with them.”

– Julianna Bibb, sophomore Japanese studies student


“I think I’m getting a job, so probably working. Also, relaxing and snowboarding, no big plans.”

– Matthew Allard, senior, civil engineering student


“I’m going to California with family.”

– Dillon Mills, sophomore, electrical engineering student



– Wyatt Gaffigan, sophomore, civil engineering student

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2 Responses

  1. Dillon Mills says:

    I kind of look like a vampire, but whatever, I shouldn’t be so pale when I get back.

  2. Kate Upton says:

    Wow Dillon Mills is sexy af.

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