Women’s Basketball: Nanooks fall to Saints, Wolves

By Reba Lean
Sun Star Reporter

Nanook Alexandra Melonson drives the ball to the net Thursday evening at the Patty Center. Photo by Jessica Hoffman/The Sun Star

In two games that started well with several lead changes, the losses came down to one thing; fatigue. A short bench has plagued the 0-5 conference record team all season long, so only seven players saw floor time both nights.

The Western Oregon Wolves showed up on Thursday ready to sweep the Nanooks away. Turnovers lost by the Nooks seemed to always find the basket shortly afterwards. The first half ended with a bleak 51-18 score, with the Wolves ahead. The Nanooks tried to jumpstart their battery in the second half, but it was too little. One three-point shot made by freshman Adrienne Beans in the first half was nearly the only effort to substantially bump the score. They were able to rack up 22 more points, but the Wolves took another 40, finishing the game 91-40.

While WOU brought down 14 more offensive rebounds than the Nooks, senior Lakeshia Levi showed her home crowd it wasn’t for lack of effort on her part. She made double-double status Thursday with 12 points and 12 rebounds. “She’s a gamer, she’ll work hard,” Coach Dave Thompson said.

Thompson’s plan for recovery was to “try to focus on things that need improvement, and incrementally get better.” First, he’d like his players to recover from what ails them. Usual starter senior Ronisha Edwards is out with a foot injury, and junior Caitlin Hamsley sat out the first night with a cold. Levi and junior Alexandra Melonson both played, but were under the weather.

On Saturday night against the Saint Martin’s Saints, while the Nanooks were behind at the first half by 14, it still looked hopeful, especially compared to Thursday’s game. Hamsley was in the game, throwing up the threes, and making a few. In the second half however, the ladies started slipping. Senior Jessica Harrison’s face simmered with frustration as she received a technical foul for pushing one of the Saints players. The Nooks would throw the ball up for a shot, then run away before it hit the rim, ruining a chance for a rebound. It showed at the end when they finished with 16 less rebounds, and a score of 82-48.

“At halftime, we just have to learn to not let them pull away,” Hamsley said after the game. She made 13 points for the team, and was one of four players to make any. Harrison contributed 18 points, and Levi made 15. In the second half, there were six less points made than the first.

“Boy, we just got worn down,” Thompson said after the game. He said the team did make adjustments during the game to try something new – changing from two posts to one post on the floor – but it wasn’t enough. “Shoot, I’m proud of the way we start out,” the coach said, but there’s a lot of area to improve.

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