ASUAF Recap 02/15/2015

by Dianna Rupp

Sun Star Web Editor


Senators Present: Lachlan Gillispie, Michael Mancill, Colby Freel, Erik Rickards, Mitchell Davidson, Chris Hoch, Eli Barry-Garland, Matthew Harris, Kayleen Hansen, Allyssia Garcia, Mickey Zakurdaew.

Senators Absent: Cordero Reid and Jonathan Quiñones.

Guests: Three members of the Cyber Defense Club in support of a bill that would allocate them $1,650 to update servers.

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

ASUAF meets regularly to discuss the welfare of students on and off campus.

Appointments: No appointments were made to the ASUAF election board.

Refurbishing The Banner Room: A bill for proposed funding of a purchase of a new computer, a monitor, dry-erase paint, magnetic primer and blackboard paint to be used in refurbishing the Banner Room in Wood Center was passed, 9-0-1, by the senate. The bill will allocate up to $250 from the Senate Projects fund and $2,550 from the rollover  account. ASUAF plans to repaint the blackboard, turn the club cabinets into functional magnetic whiteboards and to set up a functional computer and monitor for use by student organizations utilizing the room.

Cyber Defense Club Server Renovation: All present senators unanimously agreed to support a bill opting to provide The Cyber Defense Club with up to $1,650 from the ASUAF rollover account so that the may begin renovating their servers.

Funding For The Great Alaskan Accounting People Tax Assistance Program: A bill meant to provide up to $150 from the Senate Projects fund to the Great Alaskan Accounting People so that they may purchase food for an event on campus was approved in a 9-1, with 1 senator abstaining.

Clarification Of Voting Definitions: A bill meant to clarify bylaws of the senate was rejected after it was suggested by Senator Mancill, a sponsor of the bill, that the bill no longer benefited the senate.

Redefining The Ex-Officio Representative: A bill meant to clarify the function and responsibilities of an Ex-Officio Representative was passed by the senate 8-1 with two senators abstaining, after discussion of what exactly the position itself meant and how it interacted with the senate.

Financial Procedure Amendment: A bill proposing to amend the votes required for approval to give up funds from the ASUAF Rollover account was sent back to the internal affairs committee. Discussion over the bill lead to an agreement that the bill should be deliberated more and brought back to not the next meeting, but the meeting after due to many of the senators being absent during the Juneau trip.


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