Dance in a trance

by Chase VanHein-Hage

Sun Star Reporter


Prepare for the color and music of Trancemonster, a part of the Winter Carnival weekend taking place at 8 p.m. in the Hess Recreation Center. This year is the third installment of Trancemonster, a piece of performance art that encourages participation. The first year it was held in the Davis Concert Hall and it was in Hess Rec last year.

Trancemonster is a performance that incorporates art, lights, fog, music (both digital and acoustic) and theater, where participants dance and experience the event together.

“The most interesting quality about it was just how personal the dance was. Instead of hiding in the back room, the DJ was up on stage, stirring the audience. The percussionists could manipulate the music as they pleased, further emphasizing the feelings of the music,” past participant Bud Bergen said.

The event is created by students of UAF in different fields. “It is a student involved event where they can have an experience of working on a creative project with other students,” main organizer Gary Toth said. He wants students to be able to use their skills and studies to create a production.

What people see and experience at Trancemonster was created by a small group of students. “Any artistic expression was welcome for submission. We worked together to try and bring it to Trancemonster,” Toth said.

This year’s Trancemonster will have four live percussionists, two DJ’s, one vocalist, two light technicians, a video graphic designer and an advertising person.

The event can be found on Facebook by searching for Trancemonster III. This is an 18 and older event in the Hess Rec., so identification is required. Entry is $5 with a Polar Express card and $10 without one.

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