Man on the Street

“How has the ice storm affected you?”

-Eric Bennett, Copy Editor

Mason Huffman“It added four minutes to my walk from the dorms.”

-Mason Huffman, sophomore mining engineering student

Jessica Sueskind“I almost fell when I was walking here.”

-Jessica Sueskind, senior sociology student

Renee Nowicki“I almost slipped and fell today. I felt like I was ice skating. It’d be nice if they salted the road.”

-Renee Nowicki, freshman biology student

Bryan Bosserman“It was just at the symphony. Not as many people showed up as usual.”

-Bryan Bosserman, junior geology student

Lucas Dabie“It was really hard to walk last night.”

-Lucas Dubie, sophomore petroleum engineering student.

Daniel Sandstrom“Walking from the dorms was a challenge.”

-Daniel Sandstrom, junior mechanical engineering student

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