UAF students bust out elf costumes, dress up dog for final

Amanda Duclos takes a picture of classmate Richard Stout and a student  to create brand awareness for their business class final. Sam Allen/Editor-in-Chief

Amanda Duclos takes a picture of classmate Richard Stout and a student to create brand awareness for their business class final. Sam Allen/Editor-in-Chief

Sam Allen / UAF Sun Star

UAF business students seniors Amanda Duclos and Richard Stout have a unique final project. Just last week they we’re sledding around downtown Fairbanks with Stout’s german shepard, Buddy, for five hours. They handed out 300 dog treats as part of their final

for their Business 241 class. Next, they dressed as elves and set up a Christmas tree, fake fireplace and a table of cookies outside of the Wood Center. Stout says the project was intended to demonstrate guerrilla marketing techniques. They encouraged

passerbys to take photos with them and their dog in front of the Christmas tree and sled that held a sign for Cold Spot Feeds. The photos we’re handed over to Andrew Cassell, UAF’s social media coordinator to be shared on social media.

Duclos and Stout along with fellow student Natsuko Ito contacted the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner to take photos of them as well as KTVF-11, who did a video segment on them.

“I’ve learned far more working on this project than on any other test,” said Stout. The hands-on experience doesn’t disappear like knowledge does after you take a test, he said.

“It’s actually exciting, we’re using concepts like return on investment,” said Duclos. She explained how Cold Spot Healthy feeds had given them dog treats and coupons to hand out and that they can actually track the coupons when they’re used to figure out the return of investment from the marketing.

To raise awareness for homelessness in Fairbanks, another student-group from Business 241 stood  in the parking lots of Barnes and Nobel holding cardboard signs and passing out flyers for the Fairbanks Rescue Mission.

“It was awakening for us how much you get ignored,” sophmore Olena Ellis said. She said they collected no money and told people who stopped about the services at the Rescue Mission, including a program specifically for homeless veterans.

“They were shocked about what was actually there. Many thought it just a place where people came and slept,” Ellis said.

Business 241 was structured around three main assignments. Student James Martin created an advertisement for Expressions in Glass, gave a presentation where he pretended to sell a laptop to another student and increased the social media presence for a KSUA radio show called Risky Business. Martin, using a $25 budget, promoted the Risky Business Facebook page, increasing the number of likes from 150 to 174 in five days.

Instructor Lily Dong, happy with the enrollment of this class hopes to continue the hands on experience into next semester. Her next class, Services and Marketing BA 490, is focused on rating services.

According to Dong, students will turn in several journals rating restaurants, retailers, banking services, etc.

“Students will summarize and analyze what they did well. We’ll rank the top and lowest and publicize,” Dong said.

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