When’s the last time you made a good mistake?

Sam Allen



To paraphrase former Anchorage Daily News Editor, Howard Weaver, a good mistake is not showing up drunk and misspelling the names of everyone in your story. Rather, it’s something worth trying that teaches you a lesson you couldn’t have learned otherwise, leaving you equipped to do better in the future.

Since August of last year, nearly 1,000 people from UAF and the Fairbanks community pick up The Sun Star every week it’s printed.

In the past, people have written sex advice columns, music and movie reviews, contributed poetry, fictional short stories, drawn cartoons and shared photographs and pictures of travel overseas.

There was once a columnist who had people dare him to do different things on campus and then would do them and write about it. One week he licked a pole in the middle of winter.

The Sun Star will always make mistakes. It will misspell your name, underestimate the people at a concert by several hundred, misquote you at your most vulnerable and print blurry photographs. And it’s beautiful.

It’s as fortunate as it is necessary to have a lab environment for students to develop reporting and writing skills with the freedom to make mistakes and fail to get better.

People have attempted to sue The Sun Star, students broke the story about the death of seven musk oxen at UAF five years ago, reporters have called up administrators, stopped and talked to construction workers on the job site, talked to bands backstage before their set and left notes on the Chancellor’s front door.

At a time of budget cuts, NCAA violations and program and Title IX reviews, The Sun Star wants reporters, writers, poets, storytellers, photographers, artists, scientists and musicians to contribute on subjects they’re passionate about and events and stories they want to see covered.

The Sun Star is here for UAF students to use and its success is predicated on student involvement. The opportunity is here and now. When was the last time you made a good mistake?

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