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Addis Gonzalez/ Journalist

“What do you think about this year’s SpringFest choice of musical artist, Sammy Adams?”

Brittany“I don’t know who he is but my best friend is like, in love with him.”

-Brittany Luckman, senior sociology student

"No comment!" - Eran Eads, senior english student“No comment!”

– Eran Eads, senior english student

Erin“I have no idea who he is. My friend is on the concert board and said I’d really like him.”

– Erin Krogstad, sophomore aviation and art student

Jesse“I’ve heard of him. I heard his song once. I hope his other music is good.”

– Jesse Klejka, sophomore biology student

"Not my cup of tea." - Laya Cox, freshman business student“Not my cup of tea.”

– Laya Cox, freshman business student

Brandon“The choice of artist is quite a step down from previous years. I’ll give him a chance but am still disappointed.”

– Brandon Blum, sophomore political science and philosophy student

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